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Jay Rehak

Jay Rehak has been a language arts teacher for 32 years. The 2013-2014 Chicago Public Schools Tech Innovator of the Year, he created, co-authored and published 30 Days to Empathy, the world’s first high school class sourced novel. Subsequently, he and his students have collaborated on 12 additional works.

Jay is also the author of How to Write a Class Sourced Novel. His 2016 TedX talk on the same topic can be seen on YouTube. In 2015, passionate about technology and collaboration in the classroom, Mr. Rehak designed a class entitled 21st Century Multimedia Literacy, effectively integrating television production, website literacy, newspaper layout and podcast creation; it was the first of its kind in CPS. Mr. Rehak is President of the Board of Trustees of the $10.4 Billion Chicago Teachers Pension Fund and is married to award winning children’s singer, Susan Salidor. Additional biographical information is available at: www.creativeclassroomconsulting.com.

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